Keep Pushing for Net Neutrality


There are a couple of nice articles on how the new Democratic majority in Congress is good news for net neutrality. Cnet has one at, and the Save the Internet coalition has their report at I’m looking forward to when Save the Internet updates their Senate Tracker to show where we stand after the elections.

Of course the danger now is that we’ll all feel so confident and comfortable that we’ll stop telling our representatives how important this is to us. The nice thing about using markets to manage the economy is that the act of buying something in the market automatically gives some feedback to the people in charge. It’s not perfect feedback, by any means, but there is a whole lot of it. With politics, on the other hand, the only regularly scheduled feedback occurs at two-year intervals, and even then the feedback is not specific about particular policies. It’s as if we were to elect Joe’s Corner Market to be our official grocery store, but without giving Joe any clue about what he’s doing that makes us like him, or what products we expect to find in his store. If we want to provide specific feedback to our political representatives, we have to make ongoing efforts to do so. Which is why I will continue to write letters about net neutrality until we actually bring this thing home. I think I’ll start by telling Nancy Pelosi how happy I am that she made support for net neutrality a key issue for the Democrats.


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