Off Topic: How to Move Forward in Iraq


I seem to hear lately that Bush and the politicians and the punditry all want to “move forward” on Iraq. By “moving forward” it is generally meant that we shouldn’t dwell on how we came to be there, more specifically, we shouldn’t dwell on whether or not the Bush administration lied to get us there. We need to unite and work together to move forward towards achieving our goals rather than trying to score partisan points by dredging up the past.

I submit that we probably are not going to be able to move forward until we take a very hard look back.

Moving forward and achieving our goals implies that we, the American people, have some goals in Iraq to move towards and achieve. I don’t think that is true, and the recent election results support me in that belief.

The American people supported the invasion because they had to been told that it was necessary in order to eliminate Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction and his support of our enemies in Al Qaida. The American people did not sign up for the invasion because they just wanted to see if it would really be possible to impose Western-style democracy, at gunpoint, onto Third World ethnic groups. I am fairly certain that if you just asked the American people their opinion about that latter plan, they would tell you that it sounds like a stupid idea. I suspect that many of them would tell you that we tried something similar in Vietnam and it didn’t turn out too well there either. I am absolutely certain they would tell you that trying the experiment again is not worth the life of a single American soldier. The recent election results support me in that belief too.

So when we discuss how to move forward in Iraq let’s clarify what the goal is: get out as cheaply and quickly as possible, because the reasons for going in were fictitious or, let’s be generous, mistaken. It may not be possible to just ship the troops home tomorrow, because we may well have created a dangerous situation for ourselves where none existed before. But *do not* talk to me about achieving “our” mission of bringing democracy to Iraq. That was and is nobody’s mission but Bush and his crackpot, New World Order, neocon henchmen.

And if it takes hauling Bush in front of Congressional investigating committees to get that point across to him, then hey, like the song says, let’s get it started.


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