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This is our first edition of good news, bad news for the new Democratic Congress. The good news is that we have a really good chance of getting Internet neutrality enacted, thereby preserving the premier digital commons in America. I just went and signed the newest petition over at Save the Internet. You probably should […]

The KDE project has announced that KDE 4 applications will be fully operational on Mac OS X, followed eventually by Windows compatibility. Trolltech (maker of the QT libraries that KDE is based on) has added support for Macs and Windows machines, and KDE intends to take advantage of the new functionality to make the KDE […]

One of the ways that commons stimulate the economy is by providing a target and direction for economic activity. Although commons cost money to produce (or in the case of natural commons, to protect) they appear within the price system of the private market as free resources, or cheap resources. Private businesses re-orient themselves to […]

Commons are, in one sense, a means of allocating resources. Markets are another means of doing the same thing, so in developing the economics of commons, it is necessary to first deal with the notion that markets tend to create the optimal allocation of resources. One great advantage of the marketplace, in allocating goods, is […]