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SaveTheInternet and FreePress are urging people to write to the FCC and demand that some of the electromagnetic spectrum which is about to be auctioned off be kept away from the cable and telecom companies and reserved for “open and non-discriminatory Internet access.” The electromagnetic spectrum in question is currently occupied by the television networks, […]



Sunday’s San Jose Mercury News has a nice editorial about a proposed Assembly bill to establish “feebates” for fuel-efficient cars, as a means of combating global warming. Feebates are sort of like Pigouvian taxes on steroids. Whereas a normal Pigouvian tax simply tries to make you pay for the negative externality you create, the feebate […]

I’m kicking off my summer reading program with No One Makes You Shop at Walmart: The Surprising Deceptions of Individual Choice by Tom Slee. This is a book that I picked up before and was excited about because it attempts one of the most crucial tasks in making the economic case for commons. That task […]

I just read about a really nice little project undertaken by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It’s their Patent Busting project, and it undertakes to challenge bogus software and Internet patents, like Amazon’s patent on “one-click” Internet purchase systems. According to the article in Ars Technica the project is three years old, but is clearly under-publicized […]

Very encouraging news on the Gnash website! Current development versions are successfully playing YouTube video, and that functionality will be part of the next release. Dare I hope that this will happen sometime over the summer?