Gnash Redux and Payback


Very encouraging news on the Gnash website! Current development versions are successfully playing YouTube video, and that functionality will be part of the next release. Dare I hope that this will happen sometime over the summer?

I (and a lot of other ppc owners) owe a big thank you to the Gnash team. I figure they’re giving my old powerbook G4 laptop at least an extra year of life, and maybe two or three. It will definitely be a clunker at that point, which is great, because when I shell out perfectly good money to replace something I already own, I like to be absolutely dazzled by the new features and functionality I’m gaining. Then I feel like my money has been well spent, and thanks to the Gnash team I can now look forward to that experience, in addition to all of the Internet video watching I’m going to do between now and then.

How to give back? Well, I’m not going to rule out sending a bottle of champagne to the Gnash team, care of the Free Software Foundation. But in the meantime I’m going to follow the strategy of “paying it forward.” Economics grad school is winding down for the summer, and I promise to use my new free time and my new powers of Economic Analysis for good, and not for evil. More specifically, I will do what I can (including this blog) to help build the economic case for FLOSS, and for the commons in general.

And I look forward to watching YouTube while I do it.


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