Save the Spectrum; Save the World


SaveTheInternet and FreePress are urging people to write to the FCC and demand that some of the electromagnetic spectrum which is about to be auctioned off be kept away from the cable and telecom companies and reserved for “open and non-discriminatory Internet access.” The electromagnetic spectrum in question is currently occupied by the television networks, but they will leave it in 2009 when television goes digital in order to bring us all High Definition TV.

By urging that a significant portion of the spectrum be reserved for open and non-discriminatory Internet acces, the coalition is fighting for wireless Internet access. By urging that the wireline companies, the cables and telecoms, be kept from buying the spectrum up the coalition is fighting for real competition in the broadband provision industry.

If we can get those two things, then our current Internet commons will have some important protections. We will have an access option that is required to be net neutral, and we will have competition in the Internet access industry to hold down the price of access. Those two things mean that we will all be able to continue to use the Internet to reach each other, rather than just look at some AOL-style content selected by the wirelines for their private profit potential. Keeping the wirelines from gobbling up the wireless spectrum will help fend off that nightmare future and let the Internet continue its evolution of bringing all of us more new and increasingly good things. Save the spectrum; save the world.

FreePress’ “Save the Spectrum” site has more information. SaveTheInternet’s page has a form to let you write a letter to the FCC. Remember, no matter how little you think your opinion matters to the FCC, they are reluctant to cross the public on something that is everybody’s opinion. So all you have to do is your small part of demonstrating that preserving net neutrality and open spectrum is everybody’s opinion.


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