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One of my favorite blogs is “Strange Maps,” which presents an ongoing series of maps of a staggering variety of spaces both physical and intellectual, real and imagined. Today’s offering is relevant to economics: a map of the United States with the state names replaced by the names of countries that have a similar Gross […]

There is a new guest blogger over at OnTheCommons, Josh Farley, an assistant professor at the University of Vermont. Farley has presented an introduction to the ideas of “ecological economics” and its connection to the topic of commons. I have heard of ecological economics, but not read any, so I am looking forward to this […]

Here is another nice position statement on the upcoming FCC spectrum auction. This one if from the Center for Democracy and Technology, another fine organization whose existence I had not hitherto suspected. I like their emphasis on requiring network neutrality and keeping some of the spectrum reserved for wholesale resale to ISPs who want to […]