A Strange, but Fun, Map


One of my favorite blogs is “Strange Maps,” which presents an ongoing series of maps of a staggering variety of spaces both physical and intellectual, real and imagined.

Today’s offering is relevant to economics: a map of the United States with the state names replaced by the names of countries that have a similar Gross Domestic Product. Some of the linkages are instructive, or at least fun.

First, I can’t help but notice that my home state California is linked to France, and that feels appropriate on several levels. We both hate Bush. We’re both famous as tourist destinations and lifestyle leaders. I think that French fine dining gets the nod on snooty waiters, but California’s fine restaurants still have the advantage on tiny portions. The map leaves unanswered the question of whose economy produces the most wine. It has already been settled that California makes the best wine.

I also notice that Russia’s current GDP is equivalent to that of New Jersey. I can’t believe that we ever counted these guys as a “superpower” and that we were locked into a “Cold War” with them in order to defend our freedom from their forceful grasp. I have to think of how Bush and the neocons currently use the “War Against Terror” as their excuse for anything they want to do. You just know that America has to blow out the Federal budget and give up civil liberties, or else we will have no chance against Al Qaeda, an organization that would lose a GDP fight against the District of Columbia.

On a final note, is it really true that Norway just happened to be the closest GDP fit for Minnesota? Apparently so, ja sure, you betch’a.


One Response to “A Strange, but Fun, Map”

  1. 1 ahh

    you do know Al Qaeda dont need much money to complete there goals when they fight they dont expect to live and about the old ussr they had a planned economey with price controll so there money gose along way you should see what a gdp/ppp means before you go bush bashing even though im not a fan of him by no means i DO! believe al qeada is real problem AND! the old ussr was a real problem as well heres a link where you could learn the difference between gdp (ppp) and gdp nominal

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purchasing_power_parity sorry for my english

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