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Alas, France


The thinking behind the collaboration of Vichy France during World War II: “Until late in the war, Petain and Laval were convinced that Britain would soon surrender; and Laval’s temporary replacment, Admiral Francois Darlan, believed that a German Europe was superior to one dominated by Britain…. For most of the war and in the crucial […]

One of my favorite science fiction authors from back when I read science fiction was Norman Spinrad. His book of short stories, The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde, made a lasting impression on my 15-year-old self, partially because it included generous helpings of sex and drugs along with wild flights of imagination. But another […]

In the future, lots of stuff will be given away free. So says Chris Anderson in an article over on Wired Online. Since Mr. Anderson is the man who gave us the concept of the Long Tail, which I thought was a brilliant piece of analysis, I figure his new article deserves at least a […]