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So Obama is working against us on FISA and telecom immunity. That is very disapointing, to say the least. I would love to hear his rationale on that, but I don’t think we’re going to get that anytime before January 1st, 2009. But what we do have right now is a new coaltion to fight […]

There is a fun post by Woolie over on DailyKos that compares the Obama and McCain campaign websites in terms of their use of open source software versus proprietary software. Guess who wins? Don’t skip the comments if you want to get a full serving of geeky goodness.

This from Glyn Moody at Open… “I’ve railed frequently against the con-trick of calling intellectual monopolies ‘intellectual property’, which tries to endow monopolies with the warm and fuzzy feeling people have for property.” This insight is going to find its way into my writing on intellectual monopolies from now on.

Solar Trees


A Solar Grove at the Kyocera Solar parking lot. Well, not really. But a San Diego firm is marketing “solar trees” that stand 12 feet tall and provide both shade and electricity. They are intended to be clustered into “groves” that cover large parking lots. The downside is that they’re not really trees at all […]

I ran into a summary of the current (high gas prices) case for investing in inter-city rail in California. It comes from a California politics blog called Calitics, which I’ve just started looking at.