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I never cease to be amazed at the creative applications made possible by the openess of the Internet. Case in point is the site My Cool Signs.Net. They take words or phrases of your choice and write them using letters that appear in photographs on Flickr. Simple and fun. Near as I can tell, they […]

Paul Krugman has written a new column arguing that the government should receive equity, ownership shares in the financial firms in return for the capital we’re going to inject into them. I agree with him, but I think that his column neglects a critical part of the case for ownership. At this point, absolutely no […]

Yesterday’s passage of the financial bailout provides an interesting illustration of logrolling, which is one of the most problematic parts of democratic government. In theory, politicians elected to Congress are supposed to deal with issues that effect the United States as whole. In reality, politicians are generally concerned with trying to get the Federal government […]