Note to the Boy Scouts


I just read on DailyKos about how the Boy Scouts leadership is now blaming gays and non-believers for the Scouts clear-cutting of forests that have had the misfortune of coming under the Scouts’ control. I just have to make a response, as follows:

Screw you effing sons of buzzards for taking something like the Boy Scouts, something that used to be so simple, good, and true, and turning it into something ugly and twisted, turning something that I used to support wholeheartedly into something that has to be opposed in the name of America. Your effort to blame others for your actions is just the latest evidence that the old Scout virtues of honesty and responsibility have been replaced by bigotry. Your reservation in hell has been made and confirmed.

There, I feel better. But seriously, my own memories of being a Scout have always made me a little uncomfortable about efforts to boycott the Scouts. There’s always been this nagging feeling that somehow I would be opposing the kids. But that’s all over now. I don’t want to see kids anywhere near this organization.


One Response to “Note to the Boy Scouts”

  1. I dont know who you are or where i am (clicked here from a search engine) but i totally agree that the BSA are a bunch of bigots. This group teached kids that other kids (if not religious and heterosexual) are bad… WTF!?

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