Welcome to the Republic of the Bees.

This is a blog about politics and economics, with special focus on a couple of topics that I consider central to our current situation.

The first topic is the solar transition, the conversion of our economy and society away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. This is an astounding moment in history, and finding our way through it is both one of the most important things, and one of the most intellectually fascinating things, that we can be doing.

The second topic is the theory and practice of commons. I think that the interaction and interdependence of common goods and private goods, of collective decision-making with private, market decision-making, is an underappreciated part of economics. My notion of commons includes public infrastructure, open source software, natural commons, intellectual property, and all such resources where we weigh the benefits of private ownership and exploitation against the benefits of free, communal provision and access.

Bees remind me of all of these topics. They have an actual economy, with specialization of labor, where they work in a coordinated fashion to produce goods. They have a political structure, ruthlessly fascist though it may be. Their economy is built around goods held in common. And their economy is clearly based on solar power. Besides that, in my personal idea of utopia there are always lots of bees, sunshine, flowers, and honey.


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