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I think that Obama is making the right call about compromising on oil drilling in order to get renewable energy tax credits passed. Here’s my thinking: In order to make any serious progress on reducing oil burning, we have to develop renewable energy sources in quantities sufficient to replace the energy we get from oil. […]

Right now, we get about 20% of our electricity from burning natural gas. If we started getting that electricity from renewable sources instead, then we could take the natural gas we would save and use it to run our cars (or a lot of them) and thereby reduce our use of planet-warming, atmosphere-polluting oil. This […]

For awhile now, I’ve had the thought that an economy based on renewable energy might return to using sailing ships as working cargo ships. Apparently some other people had the same thought, and those people have actual engineering skills, access to capital, and a desire to work really hard for money. The ship pictured here […]