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This from Glyn Moody at Open… “I’ve railed frequently against the con-trick of calling intellectual monopolies ‘intellectual property’, which tries to endow monopolies with the warm and fuzzy feeling people have for property.” This insight is going to find its way into my writing on intellectual monopolies from now on. Advertisements

The conventions of popular business writing can be a real barrier to understanding the economics of commons. This thought occurs to me as I look at the online edition of The Economist. They have written an entire little hymn of praise to the genius of Steve Jobs and his feat of saving Apple. They’ve written […]

Very encouraging news on the Gnash website! Current development versions are successfully playing YouTube video, and that functionality will be part of the next release. Dare I hope that this will happen sometime over the summer?

The KDE project has announced that KDE 4 applications will be fully operational on Mac OS X, followed eventually by Windows compatibility. Trolltech (maker of the QT libraries that KDE is based on) has added support for Macs and Windows machines, and KDE intends to take advantage of the new functionality to make the KDE […]

I have had Kubuntu linux installed on my Apple G4 laptop for a few months now, and I’ve basically been happy as a kitten with a ball of yarn. I do all of my economics word processing, Internet research, blogging, and even gaming on my G4. I do my email and keep my wine spreadsheet […]

Here is a link to a nice article in Linux Journal by Glyn Moody about the need for open source involvement in Second Life and similar virtual realms. I confess to having no experience with Second Life or any of the similar virtual worlds. But I suspect that virtual economies may be the future of […]

As part of my commitment to commons, I have decided to take the plunge and install Linux on my Mac Powerbook laptop. I’ve held off on this for a couple of years now, since I am not a computer guru and god knows there are other things to do with your time than install computer […]