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In the future, lots of stuff will be given away free. So says Chris Anderson in an article over on Wired Online. Since Mr. Anderson is the man who gave us the concept of the Long Tail, which I thought was a brilliant piece of analysis, I figure his new article deserves at least a […]

Very encouraging news on the Gnash website! Current development versions are successfully playing YouTube video, and that functionality will be part of the next release. Dare I hope that this will happen sometime over the summer?

Does extended copyright protection help keep valuable older works available to the public? Well, I say no, and now I’ve got the tanks, troops, and artillery to back me up.

I have had Kubuntu linux installed on my Apple G4 laptop for a few months now, and I’ve basically been happy as a kitten with a ball of yarn. I do all of my economics word processing, Internet research, blogging, and even gaming on my G4. I do my email and keep my wine spreadsheet […]