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Here is another nice position statement on the upcoming FCC spectrum auction. This one if from the Center for Democracy and Technology, another fine organization whose existence I had not hitherto suspected. I like their emphasis on requiring network neutrality and keeping some of the spectrum reserved for wholesale resale to ISPs who want to […]

SaveTheInternet and FreePress are urging people to write to the FCC and demand that some of the electromagnetic spectrum which is about to be auctioned off be kept away from the cable and telecom companies and reserved for “open and non-discriminatory Internet access.” The electromagnetic spectrum in question is currently occupied by the television networks, […]

This is our first edition of good news, bad news for the new Democratic Congress. The good news is that we have a really good chance of getting Internet neutrality enacted, thereby preserving the premier digital commons in America. I just went and signed the newest petition over at Save the Internet. You probably should […]

A very good pieces of news regarding the digital commons. The Net Neutrality Coalition announces that the end of the 109th Congress means that HR 5252, the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act of 2006, is now officially dead! A big round in this fight has gone to The People, and more importantly, it went […]

There are a couple of nice articles on how the new Democratic majority in Congress is good news for net neutrality. Cnet has one at, and the Save the Internet coalition has their report at I’m looking forward to when Save the Internet updates their Senate Tracker to show where we stand after […]

First the good news: Over at Save the they think that “…we’re on the verge of toppling one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington.” The “we” in this statement is the public movement that has arisen to insist on a Net Neutrality component in the telcom reform bill under consideration in Congress. That’s […]