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Paul Krugman has written a new column arguing that the government should receive equity, ownership shares in the financial firms in return for the capital we’re going to inject into them. I agree with him, but I think that his column neglects a critical part of the case for ownership. At this point, absolutely no […]

Everyone seems to acknowledge that California’s financial system has on the verge of collapse. The 80-day budget crisis that we are just now, hopefully, past and the sham of a budget that emerged from the crisis are only the latest, brutal, undeniable pieces of evidence. The major reform being suggested is elimination of the 2/3 […]

Obama is Boring


The newspapers, the last couple of days, are full of headlines about John McCain the “risk-taker” and the “maverick” due to McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate. I’m not going to talk about Palin, except to note that taking an inexperienced, provinicial, secessionist-loving, creationism-promoting, polar bear-hating, global warming doubting, Federal earmarks addict […]

Here is an excellent discussion of Obama’s economic program from David Leonhardt at the New York Times; after reading it I certainly I feel like I have a better grasp of Obama’s overall vision of the economy. What is interesting is the way that Obama integrates a very real appreciation of the virtues of unfettered […]

This is funny. It almost makes me believe in the power of prayer.

I think that Obama is making the right call about compromising on oil drilling in order to get renewable energy tax credits passed. Here’s my thinking: In order to make any serious progress on reducing oil burning, we have to develop renewable energy sources in quantities sufficient to replace the energy we get from oil. […]

I found a fun little piece about “The Public Transit Projects That Should Have Been” over on io9, the science fiction site run by Gawker Media. There is no economic analysis, but a couple of the proposals (and their “artist’s conception” illustrations) are fun and there are some nice links to historical background information. In […]