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Well, that helps explain Obama’s pick of Joe Biden for his Vice-President. MissLaura at DailyKos, and Atrios both report that Biden is a passionate supporter and user of Amtrak. Support for the train system fits right in with Obama’s economic program. An important part of that program involves creating jobs by re-investing in the national […]

I ran into a summary of the current (high gas prices) case for investing in inter-city rail in California. It comes from a California politics blog called Calitics, which I’ve just started looking at.

I found a fun little piece about “The Public Transit Projects That Should Have Been” over on io9, the science fiction site run by Gawker Media. There is no economic analysis, but a couple of the proposals (and their “artist’s conception” illustrations) are fun and there are some nice links to historical background information. In […]